Six Most Important Interview Questions

If you are expecting an interview call, this is must read article. This article will help you to crack any interview ! If you understand the generic question types and the intent behind asking these questions, you will hardly fail in an interview. Prepare well before appearing in an interview.


1. Character base Questions:

Character is the single most important thing in one’s life. Your selection purely depends on what character traits you demonstrate. For example, you may be asked  a question such as “Imagine you are walking down on a lonely street, and you spot a currency note of Rs.500, you stop by and look around for the actual owner, you see few people far off standing, what will you do

2. Value based Questions:

Values drive individual behaviour. Any employer will look for values in potential candidate before hiring him. The question may be asked like, “One of your customer is ready to sign the contract, however he puts condition which is out of the way form your company’s rule. If you deny him you will loose huge business, if you accept his terms than you will violate the company’s norms, What will you do and why?

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3. Consistency based Questions:

It is important to know about the consistent behaviour. Most people faulted every now and than. As they pass through some difficult situations, their response pattern changes, they frequently change their opinion and they deliver inconsistent results. Consistency is directly related to the person’s commitment toward anything that he does.

4. Attitude based Questions:

Attitude does not only restricts to positive or negative, it is even beyond that. Your willingness to learn new things, your willingness to ‘unlearn’ your previous learning. Your willingness to adopt new process, people and environment etc. These all aspects display person’s attitude towards the job. Showing positive attitude will ensure you get short listed for the job.

5. Ownership based Questions:

It is often seen that people run away from taking ownership. This is due to fear of getting additional responsibilities at the workplace or may be due to fear of getting into unnecessary conflicts. However, taking ownership is the basic trait of a leader. The one who is willing to take ownership of the outcome, will be chosen over the one who resist to do so.

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6. Presentability based Questions:

A general thought about presentability is, one should look presentable. However there is more to it. When you are working with the organisation, are you able to present it properly? an employee is the brand ambassador of the company, and so he is expected to behave in a certain manner in public, over a social media etc. If you are not presentable you might run a risk of loosing the job offer.


What you should look for in your future life partner?!

Are you about to change your single status to just married?! Hold on, take out time and read this, it might help you and give you clarity to take decision. What you must look in your future life partner? Read on:

Character Strength:


This can be better evaluated as how the person behaves when put under a challenging situation. Psychologists have proved that humans have highly fragile  character, especially when it is a matter of loosing or gaining something. and matter related to self versus others. Always look for a partner with strong character. These people usually do not undertake any short-cuts, and never compromise with the value system. They display very strong character, fearless and positive.

Educational Background:

No matter what, education has a lion role to play in building the individual character and also in intelligence. We might argue and find education irrelevant at times, but it is the base of the individual talent and one must choose a partner who is educated. Do not run blindly behind over qualification, but also do not settle with average. cause both these have their own limitations and it is difficult to navigate through life.

Financial Strength:

In today’s time along with any other things money is equally important. We see many talented and educated individuals with less or no money, struggle a lot in life. It is possible to earn less in young age, but if person is educated and talented than there is always a scope to earn big. To stay comfortably, along with love we need money too, so be practical and see this side of the coin also.

Empathy & Emotional Intelligence:

There seems a gradual decrease in empathy level of every individual. People are going on either extremes, over sensitive or total insensitive. Being empathetic is a virtue that few people are born with, others have to cultivate it. Empathy can be better tested on societal issues and how much an individual is keeping balance, emotional balance will determine Emotional Intelligence. Respecting self and respecting others are two most important aspects one must see in the future life partner.

Agility & Ability:

Person with agility (flexibility) will have higher chances of surviving odds of life, adjusting to situation and people takes a toll on mental health, if one is flexible enough than it will be a boon in time to come. Ability to adjust, ability to accept failure, ability to bounce back etc. are abilities Must have in the person. If ability is a question mark than one should think before taking a big decision of getting married to that person.

Personality & Presentability:

Personality though comes last but it does come. Personality and Presentability is in fact becomes base for any other traits. If a person has weaker personality he/she will not stand in the race, and always feel low on confidence, that will hamper the growth. On the other hand, too loud a personality is also not a welcome choice. People with loud personality also find themselves isolated and unwanted in a majority crowd. They run a risk of being a object of laugh also at times. Personality and Presentability should match with overall characteristics and culture.

Girls & Boys, be careful of the trap, marriage, be it arrange marriage or love marriage, above 6 points must be thoroughly evaluated before saying “Yes” or “No”

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International Business Etiquette


Do you know the definition of Business Etiquette? Business etiquette is about building relationships with other people. Etiquette is not about rules & regulations but is about providing basic social comfort and creating an environment where others feel comfortable and secure, this is possible through better communication.

Social media communication platforms (i.e. Facebook, Linkedin) are evolving rapidly day by day, as the concept of social media etiquette becomes a crucial part of business. Business etiquette consists of two things. Firstly, thoughtful consideration of the interests and feelings of others and secondly, being able to minimise misunderstandings.  These are influenced by individual behaviour & demeanour. Business etiquette instructs this behaviour.

Business etiquette differs from region to region and from country to country. This creates a complex situation for people as it is hard to balance the focus on both international business etiquette and other business activities at the same time. Therefore, a wise step is to focus on some key pillars of business etiquette.

Here are some key business etiquette tips that mean real success to business:

‘ Thank You ’ Note

If you want to differentiate yourself from others then never forget to write a‘Thank You’ note to your job interviewer or your client. This will leave a good impression and also reflect well on your company.

Know the Names

Give others respect by knowing their names which will increase goodwill and communication. it is also worth management stepping back and acknowledging people individually for their good work as this will enhance their self esteem and increase motivation.

Observe the ‘Elevator Rule’

Be mindful of saying appropriate things at a job interview or client meeting. Don’t start discussing business with a client or interviewer as soon as you step out of the lift. By doing so, you avoid the risk of damaging your reputation.

Focus on the Face,  Not the Screen

Never forget to switch off your phone and try not to use any other device just to prove you are a multitasking individual. In fact, in the world of business this is considered bad manners. Concentrate on the meeting and listen to what people are saying.

Don’t Judge

Everyone is unique in their own way and uses a different approach to deal with situations. Therefore, if you disagree with another person’s approach instead of criticising try to understand it from their point of view. By doing so, you create a friendly environment. Always remember you get respect by giving respect.

Whether in business or between individuals, one concern is brand awareness. Individuals want to be noticed both socially and professionally. People want to be remembered by others.

However, in the digital landscape you have to be very careful when trying to pursue your brand awareness. Think carefully before doing. What we mean by this is that before creating a hashtag, posting on a Facebook wall or texting – think how the other person will feel when they receive your message.

Character, Behaviour, Honesty

Your character reflects your individuality and your behaviour exhibits your personality. Business etiquette encourages revealing your positive qualities. This helps your reputation.

Always be honest and remember that it takes a long time to develop trust and a good reputation and only one small mistake to lose it. Business etiquette provides a framework for stating the boundaries of terms & conditions, contracts and promises.

Sensitivity & Diplomacy

A key pillar of business etiquette is sensitivity, meaning giving careful thought to every business aspect before making a judgement. This gives a strong foundation to your business. Also, thoughtless words and actions lead to a negative outcome. Being aware of business etiquette encourages careful thought.

Elements of business etiquette

Business etiquette instructs on you how to present yourself professionally in different cultures. The keys for making a good impression are dressing appropriately, your body language, presenting your business cards, gift giving, conducting meetings and many other important elements.

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5 points strategy to Grow Exponential in Life

Grow Average OR grow Exponential – It all depends on How fast you Escape Velocity !

Let us see what is Time Zone in context to Success

Wonder why some people get ahead in life with almost equal IQ and identical talent, with that of others ? The answer is, ‘They used their  time zone, while most people were relaxing they were working’


The concept of Time Zone:

It is simple to understand that we all are living in a particular time zone. For example your birth year the year you were born, along with you many others must have born, and hence all of you are part of a specific time zone. It is logical to assume that all must have got the same environment, resources and almost same facilities to grow barring some exceptions.

Plus, considering the fact that time zone shifts every five year (any revolution be it industrial or financial, or even political, that happens on an average every five years). So more or less all those who born in a particular year, are equal recipients of the resources for next five years.Than why some individuals become extra ordinarily successful compare to others of the same time zone ?

Secrets of Success:

  • Those individuals who have grown exponentially, must have done exponential hard work and efforts during their frozen time zone.
  • They must have non-diluted passion or focus through out their journey.
  • While all average individuals were ‘flowing’ like a twig, automatically migrating from place to place; these hardworking individuals must have ensured that they separate themselves from twig to worthy humans.
  • They must have put in great efforts without expecting instant returns.



5 points strategy for Success:

  1. Define your existing time zone and see have you enough worked to ‘Escape Velocity’ (Escaping Velocity means to overcome hurdles and obstacles that pull you down).
  2. Identify your core passion, without which you can’t think of your existence.
  3. Calculate the actual time left to create massive pull to Escape Velocity. Means to figure out how much time you can devote to live your passion.
  4. Failures will be essentially on your way, but remember you are into ‘Relative Time Zone’ effect, and hence everybody must have been passed through this ups and down cycle.
  5. There is always going to be provocation to leave your passion mid-way, but remind you that you want to create a pull to escape velocity of your Relative Time Zone.


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How to overcome the Trauma of Separation, Divorce & Break-up

Relationship turmoil, Break ups, and divorces are increasingly becoming a reality of the 21st century. Let us for a while keep aside the issue of who is right and who is wrong, let us discuss about the after shocks and after effects of such divorces and break ups. What goes after the two people part their ways? How the husband is coping up and how the wife is managing the social sarcasm? Trust me, this is even more critical when divorce has been granted after a hell journey of court case and police interventions. Although most divorces are going through a route of ‘out of court settlement’, but it certainly leaves a deeper scar on  the mental frame of the individual.

Let us take a case of Rohini and Mohan, a happily engaged couple and like any other aspiring couple they too wanted all heavenly pleasure and material world attainment. Mohan was young energetic and working as an software engineer with a tech company. This was in fact his first job after he has completed his degree engineering 2 years back. Parents were now eager to ensure Mohan gets the perfect wife and quickly settle down in his life. Mohan’s father was working with a government sector and at a reputed position. With his all social connects and reputation they soon met Rohini’s (Now estranged wife of Mohan) parents. Rohini was good looking girl and like any other girl she was also career aspiring girl and she did her graduation in law and pursuing career in law firm as an assistant.

Both Mohan and Rohini met and they found themselves as ‘made for each other’ and soon they got married. The trouble begun immediately after the marriage. Both of them have had verbal exchanges and aggressive fights on several occasions. Parents of Mohan did try to intervene but they failed. Fight episodes have increased and eventually Rohini left home and went to her parent’s home. The worst nightmare starts for Mohan and his parents now!

Rohini filed a police complain of physical torture and harassment case against Mohan and his parents. After a hell time of about 2 years and spending lots of money they were set free and both granted divorce. Mohan was subjected to continue to pay Rohini monthly alimony (Higher than what he was actually able to pay). Their property was disposed off and practically Mohan was clueless as to how he will continue to pay money and how long? Although his job was continued but since it was very initial phase of his career, he wasn’t making a huge sum in terms of salary.

Mohan was passing through sever depression, fear psychosis and was unable to re-start his life.

Here is what SkillGenie recommends as actionable:

  • Gather all your courage and do a self assessment, may be do a SWOT analysis. If need be take expert’s help for this.
  • Figure out What you are good at.
  • In case if you are planning to change the job, than do take a small vacation before joining.
  • Change all your social network settings to single, let social courage helps you to stabilise faster.
  • Try and cut all your past connections with your Ex.
  • Join a regular gym or yoga classes and give your body and mind a new lease of life
  • Do fresh shopping with keeping your single status in mind (sounds silly, yet shows remarkable impact on mental wellbeing).
  • Engage yourself in new pursuits, hobbies and surround yourself with friends and happy people.
  • Daily morning open a page from a notebook, tear it off and throw it in dustbin, and say “I have a new day, new life to write my own story”.
  • Listen to positive stories, videos, watch happy and light movies.

Above suggestions and actions are indicative, we can add few more depending on the individual situation.

Those who have suffered or are suffering a trauma of separation, I strongly recommend them to follow these guideline for better transition from one to another phase of life.

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