Delegation of tasks – A tool for Managerial effectiveness

It is mandatory for managers and leaders to learn Delegation Techniques

Delegation is no more an optional choice !

  • Do you ever face a situation where you are over burdened with work ?
  • Do you run out of time to finish a given task?
  • Do you feel you have been over utilised by your people?
  • Do you wish to have free tie from your work ?

If answers are in Yes, than perhaps this is the time you need to learn a unique people skill/management skill called “Delegation Technique” or simply acquired ‘Delegation Skill”


Delegation defined in simple words:

Delegation means to share your work or task with your team/junior or with available resources.

People often mis interpret the delegation. They simply says to delegate means to transfer the workload to someone else, however this is absolutely wrong.

Now simply understand, delegation is a tool available in the hands of managers and leaders to increase productivity. Utilizing resources and managing time will add to the over all performance. Therefore this tool has to be used very carefully. But the point is How to Delegate? Do we have any process for the same?

Simplified Delegation Process:


Step1: Identify and distinguish the task/s to be delegated (remember not entire work load can be transferred)

Step2: Identify the ‘right’ resource who is competent enough to do your task just like you do.

Step3: Have a formal dialogue and set expectations with the person whom you are delegating the task.

Step4: Set critical evaluation parameters

Step5 : Set a review process or simple review cycle, when and how will you review the progress.

Step6: If need be put entire activity it on official record 

Step7: Delegate the task

Delegation is not complete until you do strong follow up, because even a great people flunk to finish the task if they are not being tracked or monitored. Follow up will ensure that your task is completed on time.


Whom to Delegate?

There are people who are excellent in delegating the work, they are better at doing minimum and delegating maximum ! However that is individual trait and has no credentials. True delegation has a serious objective. The objective is of people development.


When a manager wants his team member to take on additional task, he intends to develop their capabilities of taking higher responsibilities. The future growth, promotions are the mile stones where such delegation will make the person ‘ready’ enough to take the charge.

Identify the right talent whom you want to develop as your next line leader. Clearly saying do not delegate the task for the sake of convenience but with an intent to develop the person.

Practicing Delegation

One need to practice the delegation skill by delegating small chunk of task and initially little important tasks to be delegated, once you master the skill, you can delegate as complex tasks as possible, and people will happily accept the task on your behalf !

Though delegation has more nitty-gritty involved, but even if you read this and practice what is recommended here, you will be good enough to go ahead as a successful leader.

Managers and Leaders who wants to grow further have to learn to delegate. Delegation of task involves a careful considerations of the following things:

  1. The person whom you have identified to delegate the task must be competent enough to deliver the results.
  2. Selection of a person should not be biased or based on personal convenience.
  3. Person must have a sound track records as an employee and should not send a wrong message to the rest of the team member.
  4. Person’s willingness to grow needs to be checked and assessed properly, otherwise the result will be diluted and efforts will waste.
  5. Do not delegate the task which involves critical and confidential matters of the organization, unless the person has the proven integrity.


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