5 points strategy to Grow Exponential in Life

Grow Average OR grow Exponential – It all depends on How fast you Escape Velocity !

Let us see what is Time Zone in context to Success

Wonder why some people get ahead in life with almost equal IQ and identical talent, with that of others ? The answer is, ‘They used their  time zone, while most people were relaxing they were working’


The concept of Time Zone:

It is simple to understand that we all are living in a particular time zone. For example your birth year the year you were born, along with you many others must have born, and hence all of you are part of a specific time zone. It is logical to assume that all must have got the same environment, resources and almost same facilities to grow barring some exceptions.


Plus, considering the fact that time zone shifts every five year (any revolution be it industrial or financial, or even political, that happens on an average every five years). So more or less all those who born in a particular year, are equal recipients of the resources for next five years.Than why some individuals become extra ordinarily successful compare to others of the same time zone ?

Secrets of Success:

  • Those individuals who have grown exponentially, must have done exponential hard work and efforts during their frozen time zone.
  • They must have non-diluted passion or focus through out their journey.
  • While all average individuals were ‘flowing’ like a twig, automatically migrating from place to place; these hardworking individuals must have ensured that they separate themselves from twig to worthy humans.
  • They must have put in great efforts without expecting instant returns.



5 points strategy for Success:

  1. Define your existing time zone and see have you enough worked to ‘Escape Velocity’ (Escaping Velocity means to overcome hurdles and obstacles that pull you down).
  2. Identify your core passion, without which you can’t think of your existence.
  3. Calculate the actual time left to create massive pull to Escape Velocity. Means to figure out how much time you can devote to live your passion.
  4. Failures will be essentially on your way, but remember you are into ‘Relative Time Zone’ effect, and hence everybody must have been passed through this ups and down cycle.
  5. There is always going to be provocation to leave your passion mid-way, but remind you that you want to create a pull to escape velocity of your Relative Time Zone.


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