Overcoming Social Phobia

What is Social phobia?

We as humans have always been social animals. We prefer to live in habitat. We usually find people with similarity in lifestyle, food habits, and similar choices. We make friends, we play together, stay together and share joy, and pain together. This eventually give birth to large societies. It can be further divided into religions and caste etc. But we are largely social animals.

But there are a few who prefer to stay alone, avoid mixing in the groups and tend to be less social. They will avoid situations where they are part of a group. Sometimes it is normal to be such selective, however If it is a regular routine of your life than chances are higher that you might developing social phobia.



Some of the symptoms of Social Phobia

  • Prefer to stay alone for longer period
  • Hating the company of people
  • Living in own world of dreams all through the day and night
  • Avoid attending social gatherings such as marriages and other such gatherings.
  • Always look for escaping the groups and meetings.

How to overcome the social phobia

There are of course two ways to tackle this problem. Firstly, one should consult a psychologist and get treated. Second is for people who are at the border of the phobia can do self-counselling.


Following are the key recommendations:

  1. Start trusting people (It has been observed that people with social phobia are usually not trusting). Believe that no one is there to harm you.
  2. Share your inner worries and fear with your friend and keep habit of sharing, slowly gradually make more friends.
  3. Develop self-confidence about your personality and have positive outlook about yourself.
  4. Keep yourself open to embrace new people and do a small self-talk before attending a social event.
  5. Do a small self pep-up talk before stepping out for social meetings.
  6. Accept there are different types of people and all are unique and so you too.

Things to avoid:

  1. Avoid being negative about any episode or person
  2. Stop being sarcastic about social system, fashion trends, people and their habits.
  3. Stop pampering yourself more than required.
  4. Avoid being too harsh or pushy about your opinion and views, remember views can be different
  5. Stop judging people’s intention and behavior.
  6. Do not run away from difficult situation, just do not run away.

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