How to Choose Right Career?



Most often we end up choosing the career which perhaps not the right one. We simply go for something because we have been told to do so, or may be under influence of the visible glory of the particular job.

Softskills at times can come to your help. If we know the decision making skill.

Career selection has always been a stressful event. If we look back in our own life, many of us would feel the career that they have opted for currently could have been different if someone would have guided properly, or at least some help should have been there.

This is even becoming more critical as the competition is increasing, more and more parents are pushing their kids to select the best career and they even end up spending huge money to secure that ‘best’ career. While many can sail through such turmoil, many others find it so difficult to adjust with unpleasant career. Even if they accept the career, they may not excel in that. The cycle of non-performance will hit them soon.

Let us understand how the whole non-performance cycle works out. There are two friends Rahul and Rohan. They both have studied together in a same school and their track of securing good marks have pushed them to choose a career which is like extremely competitive. Rahul fairs well as he was clear about the choices he made, however, Rohan faced lots of struggle and fall out was he dropped the study mid way and chosen to study something else.He than opted for a course which would get him then high paying jobs. Soon he realise that the job market has changed! By the time he completed his studies, the scenario was different, he somehow got a job and now he is a mediocre employee and always on a look for ‘better’ options.


Selecting something based on fancy or glory or even out of force will never help you to grow in career. It will create more job related burn-outs. Rohan’s struggle is evident and many like him are facing such issues.

Career decision is the most critical decision for students and professionals, and if chosen a wrong career, one has to end up paying higher price in the later life.

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