Teach your child how to value the things

Help your child to show gratitude for the things he/she is receiving.

childAs parents we are always anxious about the weird behaviour of our child. Many parents even complain that their child is not valuing anything that we are giving. Most of the child’s demands are fulfilled instantly, still child does not have a feeling of gratitude  or does not value those things. Do you want your child to develop gratitude and starts valuing the things he is receiving? You need to learn Parenting Skills.

Introduce the concept of ‘work to earn’

child2Work to earn is a concept if your child is trained on this, it will have miraculous effect on his ‘ thankless’ behavior. We as parents are too emotional most of the time and we do not want our child to suffer with a feeling of ‘less’ and so we provide everything that our child demands without saying NO. We sometime stretch financial budget to buy that costly remote control car, which the child will have no value! This leads to feeling of frustration and helplessness. Parenting Skills can help you over come this and many other child related issues.

How to implement ‘Work to Earn’ method

child-3Child can understand simple things and so make work to earn a simple task for the child. Announce a coupon or token system. Each token is properly cut and made of hard grade paper material and should be long lasting (should resonate the value from its look). Each token is let say of $1 or Rs 1.

Important points to remember before implementing the method:

  • Remember the highest denomination of the token will be of $10 or Rs 10.
  • You may prepare three denominations like $1, $5, $10
  • Decide the ‘Task value’ in advance and announce it to the child
  • Task such as cleaning own room and arranging toys may fetch higher token value for example Rs 20 or $20
  • Create enough excitement along with a stricter rules to earn the token
  • Allow your child to earn as much as he wish in a day.
  • The earned token will remain with him and let him accumulate the number of tokens.
  • Set a day or a date when your child can convert the tokens into actual currency from you and can spend it as per his wish.

Above method if follow religiously, will have the best effect on child’s mind set and he will start valuing and appreciating the things. This is completely non harming and honest method to rebuild the child’s mind set.

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Do write us your feedback and experience after implementing the method.

The concept credit goes to the practicing psychologist Ms. Komal Baxi , for detail visit http://www.komalbaxi.com

email : info.skillgenie@gmail.com

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